Healthy Celery dip !

Celery Dip

I have made this healthy yogurt dip many times and my family loves it.It disappear within minutes and the fun part is it takes very less time and tastes great.
I like the yogurt version of the dip.You can just make it before the meal as a starter or snacks from the things that are available right from your refrigerator.

Prep time:5 minutes
Ready in :5 minutes

Greek yogurt:1 cup
Parsley and Coriander : 1/4 cup
Garlic cloves : 2
Salt : 1/4 tsp(or according to taste)
Lemon Juice:1 tbs
Ground Black pepper:1/4 of tsp


  1. Mix parsley, garlic cloves in a food processor(or minced garlic and parsley can also be used). Place it in a bowl.
  2. Combine all ingredients to the parsley mixture bowl and enjoy with celery, carrot or any vegetables of your choice.

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